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16th World Transplant Games, Bangkok 2007

Start Date 26th Aug 2007

End Date 1st Sep 2007


Approximately 1,500 transplant recipients, supporters and donor families gathered together in Bangkok between 25th August and 2nd September 2007 for the 16th World Transplant Games and were part of the single biggest organ donation and transplantation awareness event in the World. Participants competed in a variety of events ranging from cycling to petanque.

2007 was a most auspicious year to visit Thailand since it coincides with the 80th Birthday Anniversary of His Majesty the King as well as the 84th Birthday Anniversary of Princess Galyani Vadhana, elder sister of His Majesty and a generous Patron of the Kidney Foundation of Thailand
Thailand has always been famous for the warmth and friendliness of its people and the beauty of its tourist attractions, both natural and man-made.
Bangkok is one of Asia's most cosmopolitan cities. Created as the Thai capital in 1782 by the first monarch of the present Chakri dynasty, Bangkok is a national treasure house and Thailand's spiritual, cultural, political, commercial, educational and diplomatic centre. It is now a stunning blend of modern conveniences and resplendent ancient palaces and glittering temples.
And perhaps the most appealing of all, the Thai people are world-famous for their friendly nature, for their whole-hearted welcome of visitors and their smile - so much so that impressed travellers have dubbed Thailand "The Land of Smile".

Welcome to Thailand!