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3rd Polish Post-transplant Alpine Skiing and Cross Country Skiing
1st Polish Post-transplant Biathlon

10-14 February 2009 Zakopane, Poland

From 10th to 14th February, 2009 the Polish Transplant Sports Association (PTSA) organized the Polish Championships for its members. This sporting event took place in Zakopane, Poland and comprised such sports disciplines as Alpine skiing, cross country skiing and biathlon. It is worth emphasizing that biathlon was in the competition for the first time and it combined cross country skiing and shooting. Competitors were to shoot in prone position from the distance of 25 meters. They used biathlon rifles. The competition was preceded by some training in improving skiing and shooting skills under the supervision of experienced trainers. Among the competitors were kidney, heart and liver recipients as well as people supporting conscious organ donation.

Polish Championships 5

Polish organ transplant champions:

Cross country skiing: Krystyna Murdzek, Monika Babuśka, Piotr Holubowski, Krystian Gruszczyński.
Biathlon: Krystyna Murdzek, Piotr Holubowski.
Alpine skiing: Agnieszka Durlik, Joanna Szumera, Krystian Gruszczyński, Majerczak Dominik, Stanislaw Rusnak i Piotr Holubowski.
Doctors: Dr Med. Tomasz Jakimowicz, Dr Med. Ewa Smirska.
People supporting transplantation: Teodora Jarmolowicz, Jacek Sloka i Konrad Murdzek

There were 33 competitors, aged from 10 to 73. Among the participants were also transplant surgeons: Prof. Andrzej Chmura, MD PhD, Head of Department of General and Transplantation Surgery in Medical School in Warsaw, Zbigniew Galazka MD PhD, Tomasz Jakimowicz MD PhD and Ewa Smirska MD PhD, as well as the people who support the idea of conscious organ donation. The presence of doctors at such sporting events additionally motivates and encourages patients to compete with one another.

The competition was honoured by a famous Polish singer, Pawel Kukiz and the “Sport Brothers” band.

All our sporting events are simultaneously joyful meetings which integrate patients and their families with the doctors who fight for their patients’ health. What is more, competitors-transplantees exemplify that organ transplantation is the best method of saving human lives.

 “Transplant is a new life!”
PTSA has now 160 members, including 105 who underwent organ transplantation and 3 persons dialyzed.

Krystyna Murdzek
The Polish Transplant Sports Association.

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