World Transplant Games Federation


Moroccan Federation of supporting people subject to kidney insufficiency, and organ transplantation


A non-governmental independent organisation un profitable, the federation was take up on May 29th 2005 in accordance with the Moroccan law (Dahir of Nov15th,1958 governing the law societies.)
Our goals

  • To coordinate among societies supporting people who have kidney insufficiently, and transplanted.
  • strong then the relationships and collaborate among the societies, members in the Federation.
  • Cooperate and collaborate (Ministries, institutions, scholars, laboratories, medical societies……)

Our perspectives

  • Popularize the culture of the initiative, cooperation and partner ship.
  • Reinforce the participation of the civil society.

Our values

  • Citizenship
  • Transparency
  • Fellowship
  • Sharing

Our mission

  • Reinforce the role of society's in their activities
  • improve the competencies of the society’s staff towards a better management.
  • Support all social initiatives and manifestations for the benefit of people who have kidney problems and transplanted people.
  • To join the national initiative for Human Development for the welfare of the Moroccan citizen.
  • Sensibilize the population about chronic and promote the graft culture of organs in Morocco (Organize meetings, workshops,…………………..  )
  • Keep up with the scientific technical evolution of haemodialysis and organ transplantation.
  • Develop a fellow ship of collaboration and cooperation among the Federation and the National and International societies.

Our structures

  • massive making (general assembly)
  • E executive board
  • Board of directors.

We are preparing to celebrate at the national level the 3rd World Day of the kidney on March 13, 2008 with patients who suffer from kidney disease in Morocco and in the world and we want to work together for the good to be patient.


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